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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Today’s new discovery is Seth James DeMoor’s YouTube channel, a near-daily vlog dedicated to running. Like (it seems) all Americans on YouTube, his relentless enthusiasm can sometimes grate a little, but he seems to genuinely have a passion for the subject, and in among the product placement there are some good videos on technique and training.

To be honest, I warmed to him even more when I found that he recently ran his first-ever marathon in Amsterdam, also the location of my own first (and only) marathon race, back in 2011. I think I’ve even stayed in the hotel where he filmed his preparations, and it was decidedly odd watching someone do basically the same things that I’ve done countless times over the intervening years — running through the dark, deserted streets of central Amsterdam in the wind and the rain.

I’m planning to return and run the Amsterdam marathon again in 2021; it will be the 10-year anniversary of my first attempt, I feel in the best shape (and running the fastest) that I’ve been for years, and I am determined to break the four-hour barrier that I so narrowly missed last time.