About me

Designer, developer, writer, reader, runner, gamer, atheist, feminist, optimist, devil's advocate. I believe that there is goo in everyone.

About the site

I've been maintaining a blog since 2004, on and off – initially on Google's Blogger platform (remember that?) for a couple of months before moving to my own domain at The Watchmaker Project. There it ran on Textpattern for several years before switching to ExpressionEngine, then WordPress, and eventually Ghost. That site was retired in 2020, and I moved to this personal domain that I first purchased way back in 2000. Here I initially ran on Jekyll (hosted on GitHub Pages), briefly embarked on an ill-fated attempt to build my own CMS, before switching back to Ghost again.

All design and code is by me, with a little help from Figma and Font Awesome's icons. Photos are either by me or Unsplash.

The domain is hosted by Eco Web Hosting while the site itself runs on Digital Ocean.